Starting at 24 September 2022 9:00am to 10:00pm

HubHub - Twin City C

Mlynské nivy 16, Bratislava

Building a data collection plan that supports business goals | Julien Coquet

Update: Workshop postponed to September / October 2020

Being data-centric shouldn’t prevent us from putting our health first. We’ve been closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. Since MeasureCamp 2020 is just weeks away, the recent events and data are supportive of one simple conclusion – we need to postpone all. While we’ve been looking forward to all the knowledge sharing, networking, and an amazing afterparty, this is the sensible path of action.

What does this mean? Together with our sponsors and venue, we’re working towards a new unconference & workshop dates. The dates we’re trying to secure are September/October 2020. We hope you’ll still be able to make it!
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Stay Tuned & Healthy! 😉


Friday, March 27 2020 at 9:00 AM
Location: Bratislava, center (details soon)
Capacity: 15
Price: 75 €

About Julien Coquet:
Julien Coquet is a digital analytics expert, consultant and evangelist. A veteran of 20+ years in the digital performance measurement space, Julien assists companies with their digital analytics strategies by translating business requirements into measurable goals and key performance indicators. Strong focus on solution deployment, quality assurance, change management and data activation.
Julien is currently the Director of Analytics for EMEA at MightyHive, a global digital marketing and technology agency.

About the workshop:
In this workshop, digital analytics expert Julien Coquet will explain how to define, plan and execute and digital performance measurement strategy.
You will learn:
– How to define your business objectives
– How to collect data that matters
– How to translate your requirements into documentation
– How to make sure the data collection goes smoothly

Whether your digital strategy uses websites, mobile apps or the Internet of Things (IoT), you need to make sure the data you collect will support your sales, marketing or content strategies.
Just installing a tag such as Google Analytics will not guarantee you collect the data you need out of the box. More often than not, you need to take this data collection phase seriously because every digital marketing campaign you run will depend on it!

This workshop run by analytics expert Julien Coquet will prepare you for digital marketing success!