Saturday 19 Oct, 2024

Starting at 9:00am to 10:00pm

TBD - HubHub - Twin City C

Mlynské nivy 16, Bratislava

Slides, photos and overview of MeasureCamp Bratislava II

MeasureCamp II was again a busy Saturday dedicated to knowledge transfer between web analytics professionals and enthusiasts. Here are some pics and all of the slides we managed to gather from the day. If your deck is missing from the list, or you have notes from one of the missing sessions, email us & they’ll be added.

How did the day go? Let’s have a look.

(Where there were no slides, we included photos, where there were no photos either we simply included the session title and description. You can find all the slides here in one folder.)



11:00 – 11:30

Importance of Site Search Analytics  »

By: Michal Barla

How do people use site search? Where do you fail?

How to handle Ad Blockers »

By: Peter Šutarík

Slides here

Using measurement protocol to check adblockers in GA

Content Attribution Modelling: The Concept  »

By: Lukáš Kakalejčík

When attributing conversions, too many marketers are focused on medium or source. However, if your message sucks, medium won’t save you (I borrowed this one from Avinash)!

Let me present the concept of assigning the value to the content instead of medium, and help me approve/disapprove it. Join the discussion and suggest features the tool for content attribution should possess!

11:35 – 12:05

What the heck is this marketing cloud anyways? »

By: Tomáš Gliviak

Ever wondered what those 2 words mean? Now you’ll know.

Topic Modelling »

By: Bianka Parmová

Slides here

Using Topic modelling method for text mining. Topic modelling of news articles, segmentation of readers based on topics of read articles.

Google Data Studio »

By: Tomáš Hanáček

Slides here

Introduction of Google Data Studio tool
Live demos and dashboard examples
Tips & Tricks

Help us to solve Exponea challenge »

By: Peter + Katka

We want the duck!

12:10 – 12:40

How we delivered value with marketing cloud »

By: Adriana Jurdová

Slides here

Weblayers use cases and their results
How to improve some campaigns with focus on data

Customize or DIE »

By: Rick Dronkers

Slides here

Using custom data to create real value in Google Analytics

Attribution modelling in R »

By: Marta Nicolaouová

Slides here

How to session 🙂

12:40 – 13:40

Lunch 🙂

13:40 – 14:10

Cross-domain messaging with postMessage() or how to deal with iFrames »

By: Miroslav Ficza

Slides here

It may not be something that you will find yourself using everyday but postMessage() is a really handy tool to have in your toolbox, especially if you do a lot of work with iframes.

Data protection & GDPR: The end of (web) analytics as we know it? »

By: Martin Boroš

Discussion/workshop about a potential impact of the new EU regulation on the life of (web) analytics.

The smartest guy talks interesting stuff »

By: Jožo Kováč

Join Exponea co-founder Jožo Kováč answering your questions about analytics.

14:15 – 14:45

Building data (science) products »

By: Roman Gavuliak

How to transition from ad hoc analytical scripts into deploying machine learning into production. How to think conceptually.

Do I need qualitative or quantitative research? »

By: Michal Blažej


Why Google Analytics is not ideal? »

By: Tomáš Malík

Cross Device
GA Data Model
Client ID
User ID

14:50 – 15:20

An effective form: Tracking for a better analysis (case study) »

By: Lukáš Gorog

We can track everything but which steps are needed to track a form which give us some meaningful information?

How to handle downsell for advertising »

By:Martin Polačko

Some customers are new, some are repeating buyers. What is the right way to make advertisiment for two separate groups of customers? (Discussion)

Analytics Fails and Success Stories »

By: Peter Jakuš

Slides here

3 examples when our analytics projects brought value and a common pattern when IT failed. Discussion how to avoid fails.

15:50 – 16:20

Favorite GTM tips: Few from me, few from you »

By: Peter Jakuš

Slides here

How to handle complex container. Keep organised. Avoid trouble…

Data Driven Attribution »

By: Juraj Frank

How DDA works in Google’s products.

16:25 – 16:55

Analytics “hacking” »

By: Andrej Sebestyen

Slides here

Audiences in Optimize Free. Widen your look-back windows to more than 90 days. Markov attribution without GA360. Need more than 20 custom dimensions? Discussion.

Discussion: How to optimize Facebook Ads? »

By: Mojmír Mesároš, Roman Gavuliak

Which buttons to push? How Facebook Ads algorithm actually works? How to set bids and targetting?

Site Search Analytics Discussion »

By: Michal Barla

– experience
– deployment
– actionable analytics

Wrap up

It was a great day, full of interaction, networking and knowledge-sharing. Thanks to everybody, who participated and of course many thanks to our sponsors!

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