Starting at October 2020 9:00am to 9:00pm

HubHub - Twin City C

Mlynské nivy 14, Bratislava

Slides, Photos & Presentations from #MeasureCamp 1

MeasureCamp was a very busy event, culminating with around 120 Digital Analysts meeting up in Bratislava. Here are all of the slides we managed to gather from the day. If your deck is missing from the list, or you have notes from one of the missing sessions, email us & they’ll be added.

Here’s how the day began:


Here’s how things looked when the session board got busy:

busy session board on MeasureCamp

Where there were no slides, we included photos, where there were no photos either we simply included the session title.

11:00 – 11:30

Ako merat offline predaje z online kampani »

By: Daniel Duriš

Ultimate e-shop for an analyst »

By: Peter Jakus

R + Tableau = LOVE »

By: Petr Havlik

11:35 – 12:05

User Gamification profile identification… »

Every person has their own motivation and own need why they use Game/Product. If we know identify his psychometric profile and used it people will like more your product, because your product will be a along with their own preferences.

Customer lifetime value (ne)prakticky »

By: Marek Kobulsky

Vyuzitie webovych analytickych nastrojov pre meranie intranetovych aplikacii »

12:10 – 12:40

Actionability of customer lifetime value »

By: Pavel Jasek

You can download the presentation here: How to Reach Phase 3 with Customer Lifetime Value

Meranie a optimalizacia interneho vyhladavania pre zvysenie konverzie »

By: Tomas Kramar
Preco optimalizovat vyhladavanie?
najcastejsie chyby na ktorych sa stracaju konverzie.
Metriky ktore sa oplati sledovat.

Enhanced E-Commerce for products/services with recurrent monthly fees »

By: Tomas Tencer
I have a problem – how to measure revenues in case of products (telco rate plans) with monthly fee. Selling plan with 40EUR fee doesnt mean 40EUR revenues, but more.

12:40 – 13:40

We also have a sweets after lunch (healthy of course 🙂 )


13:40 – 14:10

How to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification »

By: Marta Nicolaouova

You can download the presentation here: How to pass the GAIQ

RAW Data »

By: Roman Gavuliak

A/B Test lab »

By: Peter Blaha


Medio poradna »

Pridte se zaptat na cokoliv kolem Google Anlaytics, Google Tag Manageru nebo webove analytiky obecne. Radi vam poradime pomuzeme

14:15 – 14:45

Easy Report »

By: Jan Tichy & Michal Prochazka
Dlouho nam chybjel dostupny nastroj pro bezne male eshopy ktere by nejen zaradili cisla z merici nastroju ale zaroven poskytoval insight. tak sme si jeden udelali.

Stretnutie priatelov social network analysis »

By: Martin Boros
Pomorne volne koncipovana session pre ludi, ktorych zaujima alebo pracuju s metodou social network analysis.

Creating data plan/model first steps »

By: Adam Silhan

Roll-Up Reporting »

By: Miroslav Ficza

You can download the presentation here: Roll-Up Reporting Miroslav Ficza

14:50 – 15:20

Superweek for dummies »

By: Juraj Frank
What is #spwk?
What did I learn?
Why should you go there?

Mobile GTM vyuziti/debuging »

By: Andre Heller
– K cemu je GTM mobile dobre
– Jak doladit nativni aplikace
– diskuze nad problemy

Data driven attribution: Facts & Myths »

By:Marek Kobulsky
Why is it taht so many people ignore attribution modelling and what are the benefits of scientific approach & geting rid of position-based models

15:50 – 16:20

Problems of data analyst »

By: Peter Dizo
Discussion about the communication of data analysis results, importance of statistics and proper AB testing

You can download the presentation here: Peter Dizo – Data Analyst Problems

problems of data analyst

Spusoby optimalizace bidovani v PPC kampanich »

By: Nikola Sefrova & Ivana Mrazdilova
– budovani automatickeho systemu v bidovani
– hledani idealni struktory produktovych kampani


Recency Frequency and Monetary »

By: Petr Havlik

You can download the presentation here: Petr Havlík – Recency Frequency Monetary

Transforming companies to be data-driven »

By: Peter Jakus
How to steer a whole company from decisions based more on intuition and educated guesses towards data-driven culture. + Roman Gavulia & Peter O’Neill

16:25 – 16:55

GTM Improvisation »

By: Andre Heller
– Some advanced features in GTM
– No Rules, Questions and examples only
– It is up to you

My Approach to Analytics and Website »

By: Petr O’Neill

Techniques and approaches that I use


Wrap up

wrap up

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