Starting at October 2020 9:00am to 9:00pm

HubHub - Twin City C

Mlynské nivy 14, Bratislava

First MeasureCamp Bratislava was awesome thanks to YOU!

Would you say a month has passed since the MeasureCamp Bratislava conference? The frantic running around Connect working on last minute details feels like not more than a week ago. Some of you experienced this with us, but for those who missed out on this great event, we’ve prepared a short summary of what happens at an unfoncerrence like this.

Planned morning chaos

The first participants arrived cca half hour earlier than expected (8.30 am) which caused a bit of a shock. We have soon realised this to be a tactical advantage and not long after the early birds got the worm, some scissors, papers and helped us assemble the name tags.This helped us a lot, so thanks!

At 9:00 Connect was quite busy and you could feel the anticipation in the air with most of the web analytics enthusiasts being present. We can’t say whether they were excited about learning and sharing experiences or the networking breakfast, but we were quite happy about the attendance and hope it to go up in the next year still.


The first silence fell upon the place shortly after Peter Jakuš (representing the organizers) stood before the participants and introduced Peter O’Neill (the guy who came up with MeasureCamp with a charming australian accent) who gave a short intro on what MeasureCamp is all about. After this short intro and introduction into the agenda an even greater commotion started when everyone wanted to grab a good slot for their session on the Session Board, for more info see our previous post.


The schedule exceeded our expectations and there were 27 sessions to choose from between 11:00 and 17:00.

Food, food and food?

We made sure our participants couldn’t say they’re hungry. There was enough food for everyone starting with canapes for breakfast, home made cookies, and cupcakes. All thanks to our sponsors, whom we really can’t thank enough.


More than 50 litres of coffee were consumed, but in the afternoon people switched to mineral water and sometime towards the end even a bit of beer. Given the czecho-slovakian composition of the audience, you can be sure coffee wasn’t the most popular drink of the day (especially considering the afterparty) we’ve counted 65 litres of beer.

Attractive sessions

Breaks between sessions were rather short, just enough to grab a bite and head on to the next one. You had to think quickly on your feet (after all that’s what analytics is about) if you wanted to grab a seat at the next session.

MeasureCamp is known for its tight schedule upheld with almost religious devition and the end of each session was announced by our “stoppers”. Based on how good the session were and the resulting unwillingness of participants to leave, we had to be harsh (no participants were harmed in this process).

For those of you who would like to see some presentations, check out our page where you can find a few that might help you face challenges in analytics.

Formal & Informal

After 27 sessions and 3 breaks, we had to say goodbye to the formal part of the informal event and come to the informal part :). The even closing was done by Peter O´Neill and Roman Gavuliak, who has started a lively discussion on what people liked and what could be improved.The feedback was very positive.

We’ve closed the official part with announcing the three best speakers, namely:

  1. André Heller
  2. Martin Boroš
  3. Marek Kobulský 


Congratulations again, we hope to see you (and everyone else) next year with a next batch of great MeasureCamp Bratislava!

The following afterparty lasted until late night. Photos from the whole day can be found at our facebook page.

Thanks for a great event

A month after the conference, we can only say one big THANKS. This goes to all the web analytics enthusiasts, but especially to our sponsors. We hope to see you again next year, bigger and better than ever.

Gold sponsor

If you took part in this year’s MeasureCamp, we would appreciate you filling our our feedback questionnaire you got in your mail.

See you in 2017.

MeasureCamp Bratislava Team!

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