Saturday 19 Oct, 2024

Starting at 9:00am to 10:00pm

TBD - HubHub - Twin City C

Mlynské nivy 16, Bratislava

What MeasureCamp looks like?

Imagine stuffing about 200 people into a closed space for a day. Provide some food and few conference rooms they can freely browse and use to talk about web analytics, data, web optimalisation and marketing. This may sound like a script for a psychological thriller to some of you, others may see it as a compulsory attendance you have to put up with due to work … for me it was an inspirational Saturday in London.

I am talking about the MeasureCamp unconference in its eight London iteration I attended back in March 2015. I then relived the same thrill in a smaller, yet still inspiring Prague MeasureCamp edition. Can’t wait until we do the same on our Slovak MeasureCamp!

MeasureCamp Prague, From:

MeasureCamp Prague, From:

What is MeasureCamp?

  • It’s an unconference (you may know this format from events like barcamp) featuring presentations, workshops, discussions just like at a normal conference. There is however no difference between speakers and attendees. Anyone can decide to hold a session, pin it on the agenda board if there’s a free slot (usually there is)
  • It was founded by Peter O’Neill in London 3 years ago and it has since spead throughout the whole world (Paris, Prague, Hong Kong, Madrid ..). London is already preparing for its eight edition.
  • It’s free and happens on Saturday (6. 2. 2016 in Bratislava)
  • It has a very informal and fun atmosphere. Everyone attending is keen to share their experience and discuss openly the issues they are facing and best practices they’ve derived from them

Come to MeasureCamp Bratislava on 6. 2. 2016 to Connect!

MeasureCamp London is a great event for sure, but might be a bit more difficult to get to. That’s why we – a bunch of analytics fans decided to bring MeasureCamp to Bratislava. Having experienced many digital analytics conferences I must say it has a really unique community atmosphere, which of course depends on the participants – which is where you come into play! The number of attendants is limited, so if you want to be one of them, register! We have already handed out 30 tickets (with some very interesting names) and the next 70 is waiting for anyone interested! For updates on the next release, please follow @measurecampSK or join our facebook event Measure Camp Bratislava.

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Entire conference will take a place in old industrial place. This space have been provided to MeasureCamp by Connect who is co-ordinator of this conference.

There is no free lunch and MeasureCamp is funded through sponsorship donations. Our sponsors are companies dedicated to support the growth of the analytical community in Slovakia, namely Google, Piano, Telekom and our media partner StartitUp.

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Peter Jakuš

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