Saturday 24 Mar, 2018

Starting at 9:00am to 6:00pm

FIIT of Slovak University of Technology

Ilkovičova 2, Bratislava 84104

City tour or drink tour? Choose your options.

Would you like to experience a Post Socialist City Tour or Bratislava Hike and Drink Tour? Trouble finding accomodation in Bratislava? Tours, tips on accommodation and more can be provided for you by the unconventional autenthic slovakia travel agency

Whole weekend program specifically tailored for MeasureCamp participants. Feel like staying one more day in Bratislava? Consider a real adventure, combining some hiking with great views to Austria, exploration of an abandoned 1980’s Czechoslovak military base and authentic red-currant wine tasting.

Read more about this program on web authentic slovakia.

We (MeasureCamp organizers) are going. Will you?

If you want to do the Post Socialist City Tour, please book before Saturday 8 pm!

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